Black Lives Matter

There are many ways to take part in helping with the cause. Whether it’s emailing, calling, walking during protest, donating with time, money, no money, discovering, reading, learning or listening. Stand up with our hermanos y hermanas! Their voices need to be heard and AMPLIFIED. Give them extra love with a follow, like, comment or share. Below are some resources to share. If you came this far, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Now always remember in times like these to always give yourself a little bit more rest and care. 

Black Lives Matter. I love you all 3000.

The Odd Mouse Shoppe

Tons of ways to donate without having to donate any money, especially during tough times.

More than 180 Black Businesses to check out.

Petitions, different donations to donate to for social and economic equality

More than 20 Organizations that support Black Artists, Thinkers and Change Makers