Friends of The Shoppe!


Meet Karla


Karla was one of The Odd Mouse Shoppe first repeating customer and now a dear friend of Melissa's. She is a force of positive vibes, even on a Monday and you know how Mondays can be lol. She has a blog and is a fantastic fashionista with a love of color, sparkle and uniqueness. 


Meet Karina


Creator behind many amazing ears, Karina often materializes creations in collab with Melissa's pieces. She is also all about Halloween and Tim Burton. If you're looking for Nightmare Before Christmas ears or Horror ears, you definitely want to check out Karina and her shop! 


Meet Jill


Owner of Mamabear's Cozy Corner, home to handmade goodies from ornaments to yummy Disney food and drinks inspired lip balms and scrubs. Jill is a big supporter of the shoppe and you can often find her with Melissa, usually at Disneyland. You can often find Jill vending with Melissa at different Art Walks in the future. 



Meet Jessica

A close friend of Melissa's, Jessica is one of the OG Crafty Witches who can brew up yarn magic of all sorts. With a love for yarn, she also has a love for makeup as well, you can find many different looks of hers on her personal IG. She's one of the original girls who started modeling many of Melissa's creations. 



Meet Inthia

Inthia is a dear friend of Melissa's with a huge love for all things geekery from Disney to Harry Potter and a fellow Lostie! She's an amazing baker and is also part of Pods and Monsters as well as Remain Seated Please podcast. It took a D23 Expo for them to meet over their love for Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. 



Meet Maggie

Maggie is a fellow OG Crafty Witch, quite possibly one of the most strongest women she's ever known. . Loud and proud, Maggie is a force with one of the biggest hearts ever. She's also founder of Main Street Style, a podcast about Disney style, vintage style, overall just style.



Meet Melissa and Jessica

These two lovely sisters have the Disney spirit when it comes to sharing the magic. They love Disney just as much as I do and are the sweetest when it comes to supporting the shoppe as well as many other small shops.