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My style behind The Odd Mouse Shoppe is a mixture of Tim Burton, Disney inspired, wild bright colors and add some glitter on top. Different worlds colliding here. I adore Halloween, love weird/unusual, love pop culture, shiny items that catch my eye, sparkling jewels and am not afraid of color. Everything is either hand sculpted or molded but overall handmade by The Odd Mouse Shoppe. Besides working on the shoppe with new designs and restocking best sellers, you can find me at Podketeers Podcast. (Click the photo!) Every Wednesday a new episode drops where you can hear me along with my amazing Podketeers co-hosts (Team Podketeers) talk about all sorts of fun things Disney. Last but not least, I have a team of ladies who have been along for the ride since the early days and now not only are some of my amazing supporters but also model my creations. I'm simply just giving the love back, you can find more information about them here!

Since August 2011 the shoppe has built up many amazing relationships with customers.

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