Big Al Honey Brooch

A resin cast piece by The Odd Mouse Shoppe, made of a unique mix of honey and sepia tones. Big Al is a brooch and comes with a single tie tack that's secured with resin. The mica powder was applied carefully in the mold before casting and is sealed on top.


Big Al is sculpted by hand by The Odd Mouse Shoppe.


Important: There is a bubble on the lower left side of his face. Price is adjusted accordingly.


Material: Resin, resin dye, acrylic paint, gel gloss, crazy glue, sealant, faux painting medium, gloss glaze medium. 
Color: Khaki, black, white, beige, brown, ivory, gray
Measurement: 3" long, 2" wide across
Backing: Metal earth magnet adhered with crazy glue and resin.

Big Al Honey Brooch