Glowing Leota Orb Brooch

Leota glows very beautifully in the dark and then in uv black light. She is then in her crystal ball surrounded by holographic sparkle and secured with resin to a single tie tack pin. Brooch is super lightweight, it won't be bothersome. You'll definitely be a ghoulish delight. She appears as glow green in daylight but glows a bright green. She glows VERY well under uv light. This piece takes 2 different pours to create.


IMPORTANT: Leota has some visible bubbles. Her orb did not fully cure as expected and bends with pressure than the typical resin cured piece. Price has been dropped from regular price of $25 to $22.


Material: Resin, glow pigment, holographic shape glitter, sealant
Color: Daytime - light green, in the daylight - bright glow in the dark green
Measurement: 3" in diameter
Backing: Single tie tack


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Glowing Leota Orb Brooch