Imperfect Mim Pink Glow Brooch

This wretched piece is hand sculpted by The Odd Mouse Shoppe. Very lightweight as she is made of resin. Inspired by the silly terrible Madam Mim and her wicked ways of hating sunshine.


MPORTANT: These brooch is considered a REJECT due to the uneven pink glow and its more visible when it glows. There is also a very noticable good size bubble crater on the cusp of bottom of her left eye. The price only reflects this particular item. Mim glows evenly and beautifully but unfortunately for me, she must go at a reduced price. Luckily for you, this is a steal. These are sold as is and shown in photos how they look like in room light, the dark and in uv light. For more info on our return policy please check out the links below.


Material: Resin, glow pigment powder, sealant
Color: Hot pink, neon pink
Measurement: 2" diameter
Backing: Single tie tack


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Imperfect Mim Pink Glow Brooch

$30.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price